Our Orchard – Ein Berllan is delighted to be working with Down to Earth to transform seven acres of pasture land at University Hospital Llandough.

A bit about Down to Earth from their website:

Imagine if you could tackle social inequality and tackle the challenges of sustainability at same time.

Imagine if the most vulnerable and excluded groups were given the opportunities to not only thrive but to create change we want to see – a genuinely sustainable world.

Imagine if all of this was not only possible, but also had an evidence-base to prove its replicability.

Founded in 2005, Down to Earth has spent the last 14 years proving this is possible – with 9 years of clinical research and 2 awe-inspiring sites, we know a brighter future is possible – we are the change.

Down to Earth has worked with thousands of vulnerable and disadvantaged young people and adults and supported them to transform not only their own lives but also numerous community centres, education centres and two stunning venues on the Gower peninsula, Swansea.

In a nutshell, they believe that even the most so-called ‘hard to reach’ people can thrive given a supportive and genuinely relationship centred approach which is based on meaningful and practical activities. It just so happens that hands-on, sustainable activities are a win-win solution both for the people they work with and the wider community/environment.

As the organisation has grown Down to Earth has worked with schools, colleges, universities and community groups to transform their own spaces, you can see what they’ve achieved on the “eco-building” part of their website.